The 2019 Cape Wine Marathon is going to be a colourful, vibrant, bubbly and boozy run, with a carnival theme setting the scene for the year. You can dress up any way you want to, whether your wearing tutus, feathers or clown suites, you can be who you want to be, as long as you have fun! We’ve compiled a few outfits for you to try, it may spark some ideas.

Colourful clown

Be a colourful clown with one of these outfit ideas. Crazy hair, hat, funky socks and tutu will

Cheese and wine

Dress up as a cheese and wine team with one as a wine/champagne bottle, cheese, grapes or bottle opener.

The cheese and wine team.

Carnival Items

If you’re not into a costume, we’ve got you covered. Try one of these items to complete your outfit.

Carnival item ideas