The Cape Wine Marathon caters for both serious runners and wine drinkers. It is going to be one big carnival party with lots to do for both participants and spectators.

We thought you might need to catch up on the wine jargons for the run to look like the ultimate wine connoisseur in front of friends or family.


Women in need of sanity


Someone who complains about too little wine

Wine o’clock

When it is the correct time to start drinking wine


A toast to your fellow participants

Hakuna Moscato

The good wine life

Pour decisions

When your friend tells you not to drink more wine whilst running, you end up making pour decisions


Pronounced in Afrikaans: wie nou

When you are looking for someone with wine


Someone who is drinking too much wine


The colour of wine and when you want to insult someone

Words that will make you sound smart, when describing wine:

Oaky, hints of berry, grapes, aromatic, rose-like and delicious